Repositioning Slide Chuck System
ABSO and Caress Repositioning/Slide Sheet and Chuck
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Caress Slide #G200

Fitted Sheet w/satin slide surface

Caress Slide G200

The Caress Slide fitted sheet with satin slide surface allows for low friction patient repositioning. A caregiver can boost a patient up in bed without having to lift because the satin blend material on the top of the sheet reduces friction. The sheet also absorbs fluid and traps the fluid to protect the mattress. When used with the ABSO Slide Repositioning Chuck, the two satin blend materials provide maximum friction reduction and ease of patient repositioning without lifting.
User Instructions:
Place the Caress Slide on the mattress as you would any fitted sheet. Make the bed as you would normally. To reposition or turn a patient, use proper ergonomic technique and use push or pull forces with no lifting.
Cleaning Instructions:
Can be laundered with standard bed linen.
80” long X 35” wide



Friction Reducing Material.

Flaps lock ABSO in position.

10 handles.

Protects Caregiver, Patient
and Mattress.

Quick transfer of fluids from
top layer to inner layers so
patient does not feel wet.

Fluids are trapped between
inner layers so the mattress
does not become wet.




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ABSO Slide #G100

Repositioning Chuck w/satin slide bottom

Caress Slide G200

The ABSO Slide is a Patient Repositioning Device, incontinent Pad, and Chuck Pad all in one. The ABSO Slide has 5 layers of material. The top layer pulls fluid quickly to the inner layers where it is trapped. This keeps the patient’s skin dry and prevents fluid from making its way to the mattress. The bottom layer is a low friction satin blend that allows a caregiver to reposition a patient by sliding rather than lifting. This friction reducing layer helps prevent caregiver injury. The extended flaps on the side of the ABSO Slide are tucked in under the mattress to lock the ABSO into position. This helps prevent a patient from sliding down in bed.
User Instructions:
Place the ABSO Slide Repositioning Chuck on top of a standard cotton fitted sheet or on top of the Caress Slide fitted sheet and mattress protector. Tuck in the side flaps to lock the Chuck into position. To reposition a patient, untuck the flaps and slide the patient up in bed or sideways for turning.
Cleaning Instructions:
Can be laundered with standard bed linen.
Absorbing Chuck Surface: 35” wide X 37” long
Side Flaps: 21” wide X 37” long