The Gold Rollboard
Gold Rollboard product display

Heat-Sealed Cover – NO Needle and Thread Stitching

ALL Covers, Smooth Plastic Handles and Inner Core use state-of-the-Art Anti-Microbial technologies

Gold Fabric:
• Ultra-fresh® additive helps keep our gold fabrics fresh, hygienic and odor-free.
Plastic Handles:
• Biomaster® anti-microbial additive provides a slow release of silver ions, safely inhibiting bacterial growth.
Inner Core:
• Molded ARPRO® meets the following ASTM fungus, mildew and bacteria resistance specifications: C1338, G-21 and G-22.
The Gold Rollboard System,
clockwise from upper left:

Gold OR, Gold Birthing, Gold Bari, Gold EMS, Gold Radiology, Gold Standard; Disposable Cover Sheet
gold rollboard illustration
Our Unique Conveyor Belt action carries patient from surface to surface, powered only by a gentle “push”
Handy Gold

Disposable Cover Dispenser and Hanger System

PART NO. 1088
Rollboard Disposable Cover Dispenser
PART NO. 1086
3" Long Wall Mount Hook
PART NO. 2086
3" MRI Safe Wall MountHook
PART NO. 1087
8" Long Door Mt. HangerPART NO. 2087
MRI Safe Door Mt. HangerPART NO. 1089
20" Long Door Mt. HangerPART NO. 9999
Closet Door Hanger